Tuesday, December 20, 2005

it's official!!

yep, that's right it's official! officially the season for silliness. i was trying to avoid the xmas thing for as long as possible but its here and in all our faces now.
i am far too broke to celebrate xmas and there's a few rather delicate presents to be organised. people are going away to visit their families, other's have their's coming into town. this time last year my parents were on the other side of the world and i had the pleasure of sharing my xmas with some lovely friends. this year it's back to normal with my family doing all the normal stuff (well normal for our family).

something that really struck me this year is the amount of alcohol that seems to be flowing in the silly-season. i for one have only been to 1 maybe 2 xmas parties and found myself drunk as a skunk ..and i'm not really one for drinking taht much usually. other's seem to be REALLY hitting the piss. one friend even expressed concern for their health. it's a crazy time of year that's for sure.

other traditional xmas thangs: the beach!! seafood, chocolate, bbq's, good crockery, candles. the boxing day trip to the cinemas will also be continued with the release of the new Narnia film as an adequate Lord of the Rings replacement.

as yet my fam have not set the xmas menu just yet, but there is discussion of taking our meal out of the house and down to our local scenic river-side luncheon spot. it gives me images of tupperware, over cooked meat, beetroot stains and sticky fingers but who knows, ti could be quite pleasant.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

yoga - gemelli

went to yoga both mon and tues this week. really exciting stuff.

i've got big weaknesses any time i try to twist my hips in a bent position but i've been learning all about how to relax the muscles on the back of my hip and find that good spot. in particular we've been working on the gemelli which is the smaller muscle just under the glutes. i've decided to make friends with it. it might be small but damn it makes a big difference.

in particular we were doing alot of inverted poses on monday nite. think: flat steady hands, upper arms inside shoulders, scapular down back, long spine, then stack hips at the top of this tower by pulling the upper glutes and gemelli on top just like building blocks. it's beautiful really.

Smooth Arms also attended a class with me last nite. oh my god, i was quite surprised. he was excellent. you should've seen his Down-Faced-Dog. it was amazing!! "how do your hands/shoulders feel?" "what?? oh, there's no weight there, i can almost just take them off the floor." i'm always somewhat taken aback/disappointed when someone who never does any yoga can make it look super easy when i've been working on this stuff for 2.5 yrs now. it really was amazing tho. he really IS a natural. ..well minus the wierd rib cage thing.

Ham and i have settled down in yoga these days. much less rowdy, but i'm sure it would've been obvious to the yoga teacher that Smoothy is a friend of mine by his general behaviour. hehe. he's just too much fun, i guess.

so this is the last week of the term for yoga this year which is a bit scary. i'm not sure what is going to happen over summer, i'm in pretty good shape and dont want to loose it. hopefully i'll maintain some of it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

yoga + dancing

as i said before, jams are fun. and are made even funner if all sorts of different people go in with all sorts of different partners. i've just gotten my hands on some more footage from the mlx weekend, including stuff of some jams on the thursday nite.

it's funny even watching footage of myself dancing makes me nervous - esp performances or jams. it's like i'm back there in the moment with all these people watching me but this time i get to be the observer/critique/cheerer. am i nervous of my own assessment?

anway, so i watched it and was pleasantly surprised by it. infact i was soo over come with joy at the perfect display of posture that i had to gloat to several people (including my yoga teacher). i guess i wasnt expecting it to look too great but i just suddenly realised that the work that i've put into my posture with yoga has been integrated into my dancing (well to a degree).

i liked the way my neck went right into my back and my spine was the longest, leanest thing eva!! not too keen on the amount that my hips are moving - might need to work on some more abdominal stabalising exercises. but my feet were certainly moving fast and while they didnt leave the floor clearly at every moment they were certainly not dragging and I WAS DOING TRIPLE STEPS. another nice point was my arm. lovely and long. outstretched in a nice relaxed way - slightly curved - and right through my wrists and finger tips.

another good thing about watching more 'social' stuff (compared to performance stuff) is that i can see where i missed stuff and the lead has compensated for me. oh i love thy leads. such lovely things.

i know that i already mentioned how i love people actually social dancing in jams and specifically with a variety of different people but i'd like to reiterate. it's my favourite thing!! i have a crush on all leads that do that. mwuah!

while i'm holidays i think i'd like to get back into building my dance fitness up. esp with the http://http://www.harlemhotshots.com/en/ coming to www.melbourneswingfestival.com.au. i've certainly got the time anyway. plus i'd like to work on a few more aerials again. it's that time of year: sunshine, day light savings, no study, holidays.


oh boy am i looking forward to my dory to come home so we can make more excellent meals.

that's not to say that im not having an excellent time without her. dp outdoes herself every single time and cheeney is still iron chef brunswick. but i've also had to adapt and have found that Smooth Arms is also an excellent cooking buddy.

on friday we made an excellent risotto that would make the ladies jealous. i had to take a photo to commemorate.

this one had tomatoe, spinach, thyme, basil, garlic, mushroom and a REALLY nice parmasen! hooray for stinky cheese! and yes that is a ladies salad beside it.

bbq round up + pics

well on sunday i held a BBQ of sorts. partly for xmas, partly for some internationals that are in town partly cause i wanted to make the most of the sun but mostly just cause i CAN and i'm holidays.

it went quite well. Ham and Cheese came over early and offered their services (which i am eternally grateful for). we ate well! oh boy did we eat well. there was; tandoori chicken kebabs; paprika chicken wingets; little hamburger things; 2 x ladies salads; spicy spanish potatoe salad (without the chilli); a variety of bbq-ed vegies (including thyme & red wine mushrooms); fresh crusty bread; a delictable selection of pestos, dips and cheeses; fresh fruit; and other lovely things that some thoughtful guests had brought along. yum!

pictures have been posted on dp's flicker page. cheeney was playing with his fish eye lense which makes everything seem bigger and grander than it actually is. as you can see it was a gorgeously sunny day and the shade that we enlisted from Smooth Arms was much needed. the garden looked superb actually, i was surprised at exactly how well it scrubbed up. the house as well - you can hardly tell that my parent's only realised what was going on 2 hours earlier*. ..mind you i did spend the week leading upto the BBQ cleaning the house in it's various forms on a full time basis. and it's never looked cleaner.

there were also some lovely friendly people there to hold it all together (including one swede**). i also had a moment of realisation that half of my friends that are male are all:
-camera nerds
-bike nerds
-computer nerds
guess what the popular topics of conversation were?? ..and does that say something about me? am I a massive nerd as well?? oh dear.

and like all good event's held at my house i got to have a few drinks to relax after all that running around at the end. it's not like i can take credit for the organisation (i made a good attempt at Miss Delegation) it seems that i dont always do so well in pressured situations like that. ..and nor do any member of my family***. it's all for the learning tho. i think of them like dance competitions or public speaking - it gets easier as you go along.

all in all it was most enjoyable. perhaps i'll be able to manage alittle more independently next time.

*my parents may just be competing with my bro for the oblivious award. ..and yes i did tell them! two weeks earlier and several hundred times inbetween as well.
**sorry linnea!
***as demostrated several times during the day. thanks mum!

Friday, December 09, 2005

london = poop

does anyone else feel like australia is relocating back to the uk? i'm still constantly amazed at exactly how many people i know that are going/have gone. i cant imagine what proportion of the london population is actually from Oz. at first i was shitty, but now i'm REALLY amazed. what is going on? honestly? i spoke to someone tonite who said "just get a one way ticket. do it now!" ..oh yeah doz, there is a nice frenchie coming your way.

but then again it is 2 am and i'm starting to ramble.. it's REALLY bed time.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


in swing dancing 'jamming' is something that is use quite common - just as musicians use jams as a way to showcase their skills so do dancers. a circle is formed in which there is (usually) one couple that pulls out their bestest stuff for a short period untill (ideally) they are kicked out of the circle by the next couple.

i've noticed that melbourne has been feeling somewhat jam shy in the last few months. i'm not sure entirely why but i had suspected that it had to do with some unwanted attention recieved by certain people who regularly reside in jams. they became reluctant to jump in and others are not neccessarily rising up to the occasion.

during mlx i was surprised to see so many jams (the first nite had two jams and the usually crappy cbd) ..but if i think about who and what was involved in the weekend i'm not entirely surprised that there were so many bursting to get out there and shake their groove thangs. there was a pretty nice vibe during the whole weekend, and people were generally alot more social and excitable than usual. the perthies are also total JAM SLUTS!

jams can also be manipulated to inndividuals/groups advantage. traditionally a spontaneous event, such things are rather easy to stage as either showpieces (for non-swing crowd), ice breakers (at balls), ego builders ..or a whole range of other uses. i was involved in recently in one such event where the music was pre-organised and a routine pre-choreographed to be pulled out in the second half of a jam. this was surprising for some (esp the poor couple that got trapped at the start) but it soon became apparant later on what had occured. i'm still not sure how i feel about the whole thing as a general rule - i mean: how far is too far? how does it make the previous participants feel to be upstaged like that? what about the people who wanted to go in afterwards? what about the audience? did they expect more a traditional performance format? ..it's not like it was the first time someone had done it - it has become an increasing trend to see multiple couples doing short routines in a jam - but i think we just took it to a whole new level.

tonite i witnessed a different kind of jam. there was a band playing at our usual thursday nite haunt and the crowd was getting tired-er and tired-er and the songs were getting longer and longer. so someone suggested that we 'jam' the last song (which was a cruiser track). and i was surprised to see that the whole room got into it. this kind of thing was a very supportive atmosphere and i quite enjoyed it. a simular feeling might be observed in a jam that is part of a class where everyone was included and cheered. my favourite part is not just that all different kind of people were going in - from all different levels - but that people were going in with different people than they usually dance with. mixed and matched dance partners = real social dancing. ..and well, the obvious part (seeing as i dont have a partner for this kind of stuff) is that i get to go in too!!

yes i am a bit of a jam slut. it's true, i wont deny it.

so, how do we encourage different people to get out there in jams? leading by example? cheering harder for new people? spreading the word? staging jams more often? who knows.

my bed time. xxc.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

time to say goodbye to a friend

this household has been the home to two fine furry friends in the last couple of years but last nite one of them passed away.

it was pumpkin that went - as named for her orange fur and excessive cuteness. she was the most active and excitable of the two. my mum went outside late last nite to check on them before bed and found her layed out and still. poor little thing.

the other bunny -spud- seems fine, just pottering along. although i'm quite concerned about her long term mental health because they certainly relied upon each other greatly for support and dreaded being apart for any length of time.

i have been using pumpkin's image (a pic that cheeney had taken while babysitting one day) for quite some time now (as profile pic) but i dont know if i feel so comfortable about that now.

in the past we have burried pets in the garden and planted a new plant over each in memorial but i'm not sure what we will do now.

Monday, December 05, 2005



yes, this is my music of the moment right now. cant get enough. i definately need to get hold of the whole albumn. i first fell in love with 'cannonball' and 'delicate' following a friends advice. but this live version of 'volcano' is also exceptional drewlable. i quite like this chick's voice, it's delicious.

zach braff

i'm still having dreams about him. cant say much more than that. he's dreamy!!

ps. thanks to free to air tv for still providing my regular hit at 2 x episodes every week day. oooooh!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


for those of you that dont know, i'm a bit of a dancing freak. i like swing dancing in particular - which includes: lindy hop, charleston, shag and balboa.

balboa is a more upright dance with intricate footwork where the follow is pretty much expected to be passive and allow the lead to put his grand scheme into play.

recently i've been working on this dance a little bit more and i'm becoming increasingly impressed with the mechanics of it all. it seems that while i do tend to get frustrated with the lack of improvisation possible by the follow, if i just relax into it and treat it like blues then i'm much more likely to enjoy it. focus on the all consuming connection.

i like the fact that there are a million different variations in footwork and that it is purely up to the follow paying attention every step of the way to make it work. you can be seriously musical with the millions of options available.

i'm still somewhat disappointed with the fact taht people are grinding* the differences between blues and balboa. how can they not realise that they are more closely related than any of the other dances. while balboa might also be danced with very earlier era music like charleston, i would still make links with blues before charleston. charleston is just too much FUN. ..oh dear i think i'm starting to get back to my 'bal = boredom' argument but when you compare charleston to balboa - i know which one i would prefer.

back to the connection: while it does require quite alot of precision and awareness of both parties i would argue that it would be less than what is required for blues dancing. due to the fact that the precision remains in the same axis the entire time (from head to toe following a straight line down the spine - it almost reminds me of yoga) where as blues requires an ever changing axis that can be moved and realigned at any time.

so if blues requires more awareness then how come blues isnt considered to be harder than balboa? i think blues is a more accesible dance than balboa. in blues you can get by with a few imperfections and issues and still have an enjoyable dance. whereas with balboa you either get it or you dont - there isnt really a whole lot of room in between. and not to imply that if you can follow balboa that you dont have anything more to work on, that would be rediculous. ..and i think i'm already teetering on the edge of sounding like a tool as it is.

*pardon the pun

date # 3

well all is going well at the moment. since date number 3 i'm feeling like i've hit the jackpot.

on date number 1 0r 2 i think i mentioned something about wanting to see more theatre generally and how it was one of my favourite things to do. and you guessed it -yup- date # 3 Smooth-Arms took me to see some nice ameteur theatre.

not exactly top quality stuff but fantastically enjoyable none the less. the opening scene had me slightly worried with heavy issues like depression being tackled right from the get-go but as it unravelled there was many laughs, bad singing and naf costumes. think: scruffy art students meets local pub band ..right down to the terrible posture.

afterwards SmoothArms and i went to get some ice cream and ate heartely. we're getting along really well. jackpot.

date #4 wont be for at least another few days as he's gone away for the weekend but i'm certainly looking forward to it.

i've had a pretty amazing drought this year and typically: when it rains - it pours! yesterday would've had me extremely excited by the attentions from one particular sat arvo Treat but it was just too little too late. my affections lie elsewhere, now. shame.


i've been doing yoga for quite some time now and am just starting to move up to the level 1 class. i'm feeling like this is something i'm ready to do. sure i'm dont always have the same level of fitness but i'm starting to feel like an old hat at the beginners class.

this week samlet and i went to an intermediate class (for the first time for her, and the first time in quite some time for me). we sure were worked a hell of a lot harder than in the beginners class and back to being the worst in the room. i think our teacher was trying to be nice and not scare us too much knowing how fragile i was after my last intermediate experience. but one of the first poses that we were asked to do was very frightening indeed. never had i been more stressed at yoga. i had to choke back a bit of spasmotic demands to come out of it and was clearly in a cold sweat.

not the rope wrapped around my waist - that was digging into my flesh increasingly over pose. the strap wrapped around our feet meant that there was no getting out of this thing wihtout help from others. and we were facing the wall for those of us whom are slightly clostrophobic. afterwards i discovered that this was meant to be 'a supported head stand' which i suspect would've worked much better if my head was actually touching the ground. ahh the agony!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the koreans

since mlx2005 we've had some fun korean dancers in town to play with. three lovely leads, one shy follow and lots of smiles.

while i barely got to know them over mlx i've since had the pleasure of many dances, laughs and car trips, which has given me more of an opportunity to get know them and find out a little bit about the korean swing scene - in particular the city of Seoul.

considering i had no idea that there was even swing in korea, i'm thoroughly surprised to discover how long it's been around for (about 6 years or so - sortof simular to melb) and how big it is (possibly 800 dancers).

while i've always considered australia to be generally isolated from the wider, global swing scene i think that korea may also be more disadvantaged. they have had far less visiting teachers and are also dealing with a language barrier. it seems that they've only had kevin and carla, solomon douglas and a todd-someone with influential visits - while Oz has had countless visits from many different parts of the world including exchanges, camps and none other than the harlem hot shots.

and even when they do have teachers come out to teach workshops all of the teaching is done via a translator. as someone whom likes to talk about dance theory (to a certain extent) i found this quite exceptional. and when i asked them if they thought it was difficult they only looked at me puzzled - perhaps none of them learn dancing through language but are all much more intuitive learners (like visual, rhythmical etc). possibly it would mean that certain learning personalities would be the only lindyhoppers to survive.

they asked me which dancers i liked and we discussed some different famous dancers from around the globe and it appears that they spend as much time as me searching the internet (being IT nerds would also help) for swing clips to learn from. just like us.

i spotted a digital camera and it also seems that they film themselves dancing and learn from that.

i'm not sure exactly how much influence kevin and carla have had on the scene or if they were already swaying that way but i can definately feel/see/notice certain traits that are simular to kevin&carla students. ...for example the high arm on layouts is something that was very popular in melbourne a few years back, right after K&C were around.

they also have one main studio that they own and can go dancing at every nite and practice at. what a major asset.

there are two main troupes in their town - both ameteur, plus a surplus of smaller groups that get together for various stuff. only one of the three leads that i was chatting to was in a troupe. we got to see some clips taken of the routines performed recently - which were strikingly modern jazz reminiscent. alot of "wiggly hop" type stuff.

someone also suggested that the korean economy is a major disadvantage on the global scale, which would limit the number of visitors they could fly in- or the amount they could travel elsewhere.

i was shocked when they said they had never heard of harrang. what the?

i also asked what were the major differences between melbourne and home in terms of dance styles. it was commented that australian beginners are majorly different than back home. in their general attitude and expressiveness (this is applied to both leads and follows) they are generally quite shy and do not step outside their comfort zone anywhere nearly as much as many of the australian dancers they had seen.
another interesting thing discussed was connection. apparantly right from day one in a beginners class the students are told that tension is the most important thing. that "there will always be tension, whether it be push or pull." that's also really interesting. and explains the feeling that i get when i dance with them. i discussed the locality differences in australia that they may have experienced over mlx (for example the perthies are much more free and relaxed compared to other dancers around Oz.)

i got one of them to show me some of the moves he had lead on me during a dance we had just had and got someone to film it. really complicated moves that require quite alot of technique and remind me very much of an 'oldschool' connection but they've made it work.

can i mention balboa? oh my fricken god!!! one of them is quite nice to do bal with but there is another that has the most amazing wieght change that there is no way in hell that any (beginner even) could miss the fast foot work. i love it, i love it! now how do i work on getting weight changes like that? how?

there is still alot of body rolls etc but are somehow lead.

i wondered about the general korean personality and how much that would effect the overall swing scene of Seoul. would there be that typical sense of pride that i get from many asian cultures? would they have the work ethics of those crazy swedes?

who knows but they sure are fun to hang out with and give my visual communication skills quite a workout - it's like i'm speaking a whole other language and it does get exhausting after some time.

they are currently looking forward to lismore dance camp which i hope they enjoy, but for the moment matt, lotte and i are working on convincing them that harrang is the place to go. and i'm considering that korea might be somewhere to stop over on my way to europe.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


what a crazy crazy time!!

it's definately still one of the most exciting times of the year. every year is different and special in it's own way and this one is no exception. for a while there each one was getting bigger and bolder and almost resembling epic proportions but as a nice change this one was brought back down to size with a decidedly 'social' focus.

for a more detailed idea check out the website here: http://www.mlx2005.com/home.html (and yes that is me in the promo pics)

it really did have an amazing vibe this year, the atmosphere was 100% social. sometimes melbourne can have such a focus on workshops or competitions that they forget to embrace social dancing. and this was one of those fine, fine moments with so many different people brought together in their love for da lindy hop! it was all quite competitively priced as well allowing alot more people than normal to come along and party. my favourite part was seeing all the melbourne people going nuts. like crazy spastic nuts - the way that samlet, lotte and i might go towards the later hours of an evening. infact at both of the friday nite and sat nite after parties the WHOLE room was pumped up into this wild salivating dancing frenzy. it sent chills up my spine.

something that i thought i would really miss about this years mlx would be the lack of visitors (international or teacher-like) but it was juust right. we got treats from all over australia and elsewhere as well. keeping us all teetering on the edge of delirium. including: korea, san fransico, japan, canada, sweden, new zealand and other non-specified areas of the US.

i might just be inlove with the perth boys all over again. i thought i'd gotten it out of my system when i went to visit in april, but apparantly not. they challenge, inspire and move me. it might be the relaxed playfulness of their leading, or the to-die-for weight commitment, or a few simple jazz steps/rhythmical variations ..or the bounce. who knows, but i'm always left begging for more. (one lead was about to demonstrate some balboa for me and said to himself "i want you on that foot" as he clearly switched my weight for me - i almost peeed my pants.)

my attention wasnt always focused on dancing tho, i was on a mad rush to make as many new friends as possible - how could you not when surrounded with so many friendly faces? i was also spending a bit of time taking footage in preparation of a dodgy/ameteur mlx video which after watching what i have is clearly not enough and i just dont seem to have to attention span for filming the entire weekend.

actually if i'm entirely honest i was having a few doubts about my dancing on the whole. not feeling the music necessarily, not feeling like i was giving the leads what they wanted etc etc. feeling generally not all there. i did manage to get my groove back quite distinctly at the after parties - in particular the blues dancing tends to reinvigorate my body.

blues is really where it's at. i'm sorry for all those people who it makes their stomachs turn but i cannot express how good it is. on so many levels too. on sunday nite at one of the late late after parties i found myself having this discussion with people about the relationship of balboa to blues. they are sooo simular it's not funny. the precision and amazing connection that you experience with balboa is exactly what happens in blues but just at a different speed ..and instead of being limited to footwork is spread to your entire body. it's about listening really really carefully. and keeping your body in neutral unless otherwise requested.

after about 4 or 5 blues dances i found myself all loosened up and my spine doing crazy stuff. infact i think i forgot what my posture was meant to be for a fair amount of the weekend after that (i went back to my sway- think ")" ).

i lurve blues dancing! it's more relaxing than yoga. it's better than a massage. it spins squillion of endorphines up as your spinal chord is stimulated. it is ALL about the music. ..and dare i make comparisons to sex. ..but i think you get the idea. and it what most people mistake is that it doesnt actually have to be sexual. sure it happens, this i cannot deny, but it's not actually as common as people think. usually when it does turn sexual is when i want tto walk right away from the dance - ewww, can you say creepy?

so where was i? blah blah blah lack of confidence blah blah blah searching for mojo blah blah blah questioning how to take my dancing to the next level and please these more "advanced" leads. ..so the weekend comes to a close and i'm saying my goodbyes to these excellent leads whom are just laying the compliments* on quite thick. and i think "heck, if this is true, why the hell dont i know this already? and why the hell couldnt it have been said much earlier?"

one of my absolute favourite parts of the weekend was spending time with some fun-filled chicks like chez, kara and dp (and of course the cheese). it was almost like the ladies again with oestrogen floating around everywhere. the naughtiness was most satisfying.

while my actual interests were placed elsewhere over the weekend i also wanted to fall in love with a local melbourne lead whom spontaneously dragged me into a jam circle when i was obviously desperate to get in there. he then proceeded to jam with several other chicks from both melbourne and elsewhere that were not his usual dance partner. ahh, just the way jam circles were meant to be** -social all the way!

anyway it's starting to feel quite distant now and i'm remembering less and less interesting anecdotes for you lucky readers so i may have to draw this post to a close.

*for those who care one highly favoured lead claimed "when i think of melbourne i think of you."
**given such sentiments -please ignore my other jam appearance over the weekend. very far from social.

date wrap up

well it went really really well, for those of you that are interested. we started with lunch at williamstown followed by a walk, then cake and a stroll down the beach.

infact we were having such a nice time with each other that we decided to spend dinner together as well, except i'm wondering if this was such a great idea in hind sight. it was infact a reunion dinner for him with some mates from a trip he'd gone on earlier that year. this was not an ideal situation and i found myself painfully bored (and slightly uncomfortable). thankfully i did manage to avoid meeting his mother that day as well. phew.

so without going into the boring nitty grittys of the situation i feel that the whole day went quite nicely and i'm looking forward to seeing him again. it's a lovely refreshing change not to worry about those stupid mind games that get played in this early stage. its like: we like each other, so we'll spend some time with each other and if it goes somewhere = cool. if not= oh well, no hard feelings. i couldnt ask for anything better.

anyway, i'm still contemplating exactly how much detail i actually want to post on this blog...

Friday, November 25, 2005

i have a date!

i have a date!

for those of you that know me, you might realise that this is the first thing even vaguely related to a date that i have have had in a really long time. i'm quite nervous too. although i had previously wondered if the other party would out-nervous me. but thankfully this should not be the case.

i was even concerned about what we might end up doing. and was brainstorming as many ideas as possible, but they were not really needed in the end. so it will be a lunch time event, which is totally not scary. thankgod.

some pals insisted i see Hitch to compare dating notes which just made me a little more nervous, and i can just see all of those things going wrong in the exact same way. there could be: injuries, stained clothes, time co-ordination issues, food poisoning, communication breakdowns. what fun!

dont worry i'll make sure i keep you updated with the outcome of the event. just wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


hi all. this is the first post for my new blog. not sure how i intend to use this space just yet, but i suspect that it may or may not take on a replacement of my former blog. vague enough?

i have high hopes of creating a more interesting layout than the majorly flawed modblog experience.

feel free to comment and chat about nothing, cause i sure know i will be.

anyways, i want to get back into this set up. i'll post proper soon.