Thursday, November 29, 2007

difficult terrain

i've been having some dreams lately with very simular themes. swamps, desserts, rainforests, landmines. sometimes i walk, sometimes i hike, sometimes i fly. but one thing that always stays the same is that i am navigating difficult terrain.
i'm not complaining or anything. dont get me wrong, i'm more than aware that that's just what life is all about. and lets be honest here, in the last few months i've had quite a few challenges to navigate my way through. some are fairly normal and some have lead to some major life changes.
i've been feeling pretty good about it all on the whole lately (including the usual peaks and troughs). i'm thinking that this might be a new chapter for me. discovering new things about myself, enjoying different aspects of life, seeking more.

right now I'm sitting in a teeeny internet cafe in north hobart. i'll be here for the next few days. just taking some time to unwind - something i havent done for quite some time now. at the moment i'm still battling some impatient/bored tendencies but i'll squish them all too soon i'm sure. ..either that or kara's house will be VERY clean when i leave.

I'm also realising a few dependencies I have on various: substances, people and websites. who woulda thought?!?