Sunday, December 04, 2005

date # 3

well all is going well at the moment. since date number 3 i'm feeling like i've hit the jackpot.

on date number 1 0r 2 i think i mentioned something about wanting to see more theatre generally and how it was one of my favourite things to do. and you guessed it -yup- date # 3 Smooth-Arms took me to see some nice ameteur theatre.

not exactly top quality stuff but fantastically enjoyable none the less. the opening scene had me slightly worried with heavy issues like depression being tackled right from the get-go but as it unravelled there was many laughs, bad singing and naf costumes. think: scruffy art students meets local pub band ..right down to the terrible posture.

afterwards SmoothArms and i went to get some ice cream and ate heartely. we're getting along really well. jackpot.

date #4 wont be for at least another few days as he's gone away for the weekend but i'm certainly looking forward to it.

i've had a pretty amazing drought this year and typically: when it rains - it pours! yesterday would've had me extremely excited by the attentions from one particular sat arvo Treat but it was just too little too late. my affections lie elsewhere, now. shame.

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