Friday, November 25, 2005

i have a date!

i have a date!

for those of you that know me, you might realise that this is the first thing even vaguely related to a date that i have have had in a really long time. i'm quite nervous too. although i had previously wondered if the other party would out-nervous me. but thankfully this should not be the case.

i was even concerned about what we might end up doing. and was brainstorming as many ideas as possible, but they were not really needed in the end. so it will be a lunch time event, which is totally not scary. thankgod.

some pals insisted i see Hitch to compare dating notes which just made me a little more nervous, and i can just see all of those things going wrong in the exact same way. there could be: injuries, stained clothes, time co-ordination issues, food poisoning, communication breakdowns. what fun!

dont worry i'll make sure i keep you updated with the outcome of the event. just wish me luck.

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