Wednesday, July 26, 2006

once upon a time..

once upon a time there was a girl with pig-tails who liked to dance. despite her efforts and many hours at yoga she wasnt the most co-ordinated of girls -but her friends still liked her. (..especially when she would pretend to fall over and hurt herself in front of large crowds.)
one day when she was out dancing she discovered a boy with the nicest arms she had ever seen. "my-oh-my! how did you get such smoooth, smooth arms?" she enquired. the boy responded by describing all the wonderful outdoors activities that he liked to do -like rock-climbing, bike riding, and snow boarding. the girl became excited and thought that she would like to do all those fun things too. first the boy took her bike riding. the girl couldnt really ride a bike, but that didnt matter. he was very nice about it and didnt laugh too hard when she tried to stop and start (this took some time).
he said "dont worry, you'll get better with practice."

to find out if the girl DID infact get better, you'll have to wait for the next installment.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


yesterday i got another brand new toy to match my new glasses. it's spunky. it's red. it's 8x3 speed. and it's speedy. (bloggers, what do you think i should name it?) it's a mountain bike but has relatively slick tyres for a mountain bike and should be quite suitable to road riding as well.
i only took it for quite a short ride yesterday but as soon as i actually get moving today i will get out there and see what it can really do. i didnt believe Smoothy at how much difference a (half) decent bike makes to the whole experience. while i'm thankful that i even had access to my mum's bike, i'm now totally aware of how crap it is to ride. it was stiff, heavy and didnt click into gear too easily. my new bike is lovely - and feels like it has power steering in comparison.
i'm trying to decide where i should ride it to today. i could ride home and hang out there, or i could ride it to yoga in clifton hill, or i could ride it to see cairo club down the street. or i could ride it randomly around the place and see what happens.
the weather isnt as beautiful and sunny today as it has been the last two days. friday was just stunning. not an inch of cloud to be seen and blue-er than i could have hoped. even the 20mins my friend and i spent sitting out on the grass in the sun was more vitamin D than i've had in months. just gorgeous.
today is the last day of my long weekend. i feel like i've done many lovely things with my time off. including: virus, jw, breaky out, dinner with ham and cheese, sleep ins, nice food etc etc.

Friday, July 21, 2006

new specs

they're here! i picked them up last nite. i REALLY like them.
see pic:

not only do they look way hotter than my last pair but they also help me see. i didnt realise just how much more blind i had gotten in the last two years. i put on these new ones and suddenly i can SEE. i can see EVERYTHING. so far i think i'm doing ok in terms of adjusting to them; i only had one moment of headache-dizziness last nite in the first ten minutes.
and before anyone asks, No i didn't order them online. i'm still very dubious about shopping online -not knowing what i'm gunna get etc. although i know it seems to be quite popular at the moment with some friends purchasing some very cute / nerd t-shirts. ..although there are some rather amusing things out there ..and the savings that Smoothy makes on bike gear is AMAZING!

okay, i'm outta here, it's beautiful and sunny out there and i'm sitting inside on the computer!! what tha? i'm going to the park.

Monday, July 17, 2006

this and that

i ordered some new glasses yesterday. i'm rather excited about it all really. this will be my second pair ever! i'm quite over my first pair. they are plain, boring and have started fading to a copper-y type colour. my new pair will be none of those things. i might post a pic when they arrive (approx 5 - 14 days.)

i also had my second drawing class on friday. this time we drew glass bottles arranged on a mirror. i had a few issues with my elipses (gone crooked) and lost my centre axis once or twice) - mainly due to the fact that i didnt leave myself enough space to be able to step back from my easle. but i was quite happy with my picutre. it ws quite challenging and i felt a did a good job. i think i got a little lost in the colours again but i'm working towards including other elements like: lightsource, depth, reflections, backgrounds and object relationships.
i look forward to next week. ..although i suspect that my friend is not enjoying it at all and has sudden fits of grumpiness surrounding the classes. i cant help it that, i'm enjoying it. i'm not going to provide sympathy grumpiness. that sucks!

i also had my hair done on friday. got rid of all the little red spots and have gone dark all over in two slightly different shades. quite strong colours - it makes my anticipation for my new glasses grow even stronger.

this coming weekend i will have a three day weekend which i am REALLY looking forward to. these split weekends have been killing me, it feels like i barely have a chance to unwind and i'm back at work again. i'm even dreaming about it. hopefully i'll get used to it soon. but the break this weekend will be good either way.

this time of year is the time to buy underwear as well. oh my god it is cheap. i've bought five SETS for the same price as one decent bra. lucky me. i might need to stop spending money soon tho and get back into saving mode. ..even if i am obcessive compulsive about storage and want to re-do my entire bedroom.

last nite i dropped in to see the cairo club at railway hotel in bruny. quite small, and only oldies there but alright. i had one slow dance with my squeeze, one crazy solo dance by myself on the carpet and one dance with an old guy who took pity on me. i really enjoyed it. i think i might go dancing again this weekend. havent decided which of the 5 possible events i'll go to - but probably one or two, until i'm sick of it again.

ok, that's all from me for the moment. cherio kidios!

the best, the worst and the moderate.

the squeeze and i have been dining out a fair bit lately - taking advantage of a voucher book that he somehow acquired. we've been going to all sorts of places that we wouldn't normally go which is good. and on those nites when we're a bit clueless it provides to basic ideas of where we can go for malaysian food (for example). i'm sure we're not really saving all that much money but the experience is fun.
on sat nite we went to this place called boheme on bridge rd. it didnt look terribly interesting from the outside and i started getting worried when i read the menu but it proved to have quite nice food. after consulting the waiter* i settled on a chicken disk that was AMAZING. yum yum yum. perfectly cooked, tender with al dente rice and vegies, the sauce not too salty or overpowering. delicious. i wasnt as impressed with Smoothy's meal (some sort of bacon, tomatoe chilli pasta) and the waiter lost points after recomending the mars bar cake (which was then served in a melted mess) but overall an enjoyable meal.
the best food i've had all year has been at place on mt alexander rd called Dimples. not in the book, and chosen by pot luck. reasonably priced. FANTASTIC food! home made pastas. simple flavours done well. they are in absolutely in no danger of getting carried away with too many complicated ideas until it ends up in a mush! very impressed, we'll be going back there i'm sure!

although i'm starting to suspect that eating out isnt really all that good for me. i should get back into the habbit of cooking at home. for starters it's way more expensive than cooking and when i cook, i actually KNOW what i'm gunna get. and it rarely disappoints. i suspect that i may need to invest in my own chef's knife after being spoilt by Smoothy's knife set in his kitchen. a crap knife makes take take three times as long and a million times more frustrating. ..but doesnt a bad worker, blame his tools??

worst place we've been to: Loco Express at highpoint. imagine a cafe, now imagine it at highschool. and was run by highschool students, with primary school food. with expensive prices. not even a voucher can justify that place. crap!

*yes, i'm doing this more and more often lately - it seems quite worth while especially when i'm feeling super indecisive.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pirates of the suck-a-bian.

friday nite i went to see pirates of the caribean- dead man's chest. the sequal. as a general rule sequals that get made purely because the first film made shit loads of money and dont actually have any relevance to the overall story are a bit sucky. but i thought i'd take a punt on this one - i mean the first one was exceptionally good and the second one still contained marvellous ingredients eg, pirates, johnny depp. unfortunately this film did not come through with the goods. while it was mildly amusing to watch it actually never came together in some sort of sensical way. it had no rhythm almost like the editor just wasnt doing his job properly - surely they can save all taht hoo-ha for the special section on the dvd?
i remembered walking out the cinema feeling jibbed. it just didnt wrap up properly, there was no resolution to the plot and no character development either.
i then watch the original one on sunday nite (as it was shown on tv) and all my doubts were re-confirmed. the first one is brilliant with all sorts of interesting themes going on about good vs. evil /morality etc etc. and the sequal is actually really flat. DISAPPOINTMENT.
so fellow readers, just like all those critics who shit-canned the davinci code movie, i'm imploring you to avoid this film and avoid disappointment. least until it comes out on video (3day rental - after new release but before weekly).

Friday, July 07, 2006

drawing it out

today i attended my first visual arts (drawing and painting) class in many years. i decided to begin a short course at the community centre with a friend to give my brain some more food - yes i feel like it's going to sleep!
and yes i had an excellent time. and yes i think my brain got worked because now i'm entirely exhausted. in highschool (and well primary) i enjoyed all types of visual arts (i actually changed schools in yr 12 to have the opportunity to do so) and only completed one year of art in 1st year uni. at the time i found i wasnt enjoying it so much and had many a grumble about the unit chair. so i guess i havent really done a thing since. it was really enjoyable to get out there and do some more again. this class is run in a very casual and non-structured manner in order to cater to all levels. this frustrated the hell out of my friend but i found it quite pleasing and was able to approach the whole thing in an impartial manner.
i've often thought that the main problem with my uni art experience was actually more to do with my ego than anything else. i really want to be able to approach this new course as a beginner and try to take on board whatever i can to learn and extend myself. ..although it might be noted that this might not be entirely necessary and that if i wanted to ignore the teacher and any advice they have to give then i could clearly get away with it -as SOME members of the class have been doing for more than one term.
today we did still life with pastels. it was a basic construction of pears, a plate and a knife. i had an excellent time playing with all the different colours i could manage. and felt i really experimented with the limits that i could take it to.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

tour de france

my squeeze has been watching the tour de france. now, i'm going to claim that i know anything at all about it but i'm learning a little and frankly i'm AMAZED. these people race lengths like 200+kms per day for three weeks. can you imagine how hard that would be? people have to train professionally -not just in the sense that they might get some financial reimbursement but they literally dont have any other time outside of training to earn a living - i would consume their entire lives. whoa! it is the/one of the hardest races in the world to compete in and people take it very seriously. there is this one guy that has a fracture in his spine and is STILL racing.
this is an interesting website. purely for the fact that it shows some of the competitors vitals (pulse, speed, cadence etc) live as it happens. you can see it on the telly, and it's happening on the internet too. (kinda like bigbrother)
it seems that despite how seriously these people are taking it all, there is still some sense of etiquette to do with what's appropriate and what's not. for example during the drink pick up section - noone will try to "make a break" and get ahead, it's just NOT done. the squeeze was also describing a situation where a whole paleton (pack of riders) all pulled over to take a piss. i dared ask "what do they do normally?" and he took some time to decide whether they would be pissing over the front handle bars or down between their legs. ewww!! what about all the licra?? that's totally gross.
and i'll leave you with that very pleasant thought.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


alright, so i havent been exactly the most loyal of bloggers lately. in fact i've been down right slack. after reading some other blogging-mad pal's work, i've decided that maybe i should get my feet wet.
what's been going on with me? not a whole lot of interest really. it feels like work work work lately. i'm working full time in a crappy job. you know the ones - where you work it and hate every second of it but you know that it will make going back to uni next year seem way more exciting. not 100% sure how i feel about my course at the moment but that's the plan so far.
i'm finding interesting ways to spend my money, and less interesting ways to save it. there have been some discussions of some kind of massive indulgent splurge at some stage within the next year when i've saved enough. but i'm not giving anythign away just yet.*
hmmm, i'm starting to run out of things to say again..
..well before i start rambling on about mundane things like skin regimes, i best be off (exfoliation is go!). hope all are well. i will TRY to blog again soon.

*i've got to create SOME anticipation, now dont i?