Wednesday, December 07, 2005

time to say goodbye to a friend

this household has been the home to two fine furry friends in the last couple of years but last nite one of them passed away.

it was pumpkin that went - as named for her orange fur and excessive cuteness. she was the most active and excitable of the two. my mum went outside late last nite to check on them before bed and found her layed out and still. poor little thing.

the other bunny -spud- seems fine, just pottering along. although i'm quite concerned about her long term mental health because they certainly relied upon each other greatly for support and dreaded being apart for any length of time.

i have been using pumpkin's image (a pic that cheeney had taken while babysitting one day) for quite some time now (as profile pic) but i dont know if i feel so comfortable about that now.

in the past we have burried pets in the garden and planted a new plant over each in memorial but i'm not sure what we will do now.


Zot said...

Poor bunny, and poor Crinkle. I'm very sorry to hear it. Condolences!!

Crinkle said...

thanks zotty.

for those who were wondering the conclusion of the story: it was bin nite last nite.

Dozka said...

Oh no! Poor Pumpkin! My deepest sympathies! May she rest in peace with all the vegetables that's gone to veggie heaven in the land fill.