Wednesday, April 04, 2007

it's not caffine.

now i've done it. i broke the cardinal rule. no clips before bedtime. they're just too exciting for that time of nite. ham says they have a 'no computers' after dinner rule in their household. i cant comprehend of such a thing. if i wasnt online last nite i never would've gotten to chat to some far away friends and organise some overseas-exciting-trip-stuff.
besides i was only on there for a second, just long enough to put a few finishing touches on my blog layout. the clips just found themselves on my screen, i barely even touched them. i swear, my intentions were good- i just got caught up. i mean did you know there was ANOTHER ulhs in the past year? geesh, i'm out of the loop. and look at how todd and naomi's musicality has developed in the past year! do they do all their own choreography? what was their inspiration? and why did they choose THAT song?
i think next time perhaps some self moderation could be applied to this particularly stimulating medium.
man, i'm buzzed up! and it's way worse than that time i was on crack!