Sunday, December 04, 2005


i've been doing yoga for quite some time now and am just starting to move up to the level 1 class. i'm feeling like this is something i'm ready to do. sure i'm dont always have the same level of fitness but i'm starting to feel like an old hat at the beginners class.

this week samlet and i went to an intermediate class (for the first time for her, and the first time in quite some time for me). we sure were worked a hell of a lot harder than in the beginners class and back to being the worst in the room. i think our teacher was trying to be nice and not scare us too much knowing how fragile i was after my last intermediate experience. but one of the first poses that we were asked to do was very frightening indeed. never had i been more stressed at yoga. i had to choke back a bit of spasmotic demands to come out of it and was clearly in a cold sweat.

not the rope wrapped around my waist - that was digging into my flesh increasingly over pose. the strap wrapped around our feet meant that there was no getting out of this thing wihtout help from others. and we were facing the wall for those of us whom are slightly clostrophobic. afterwards i discovered that this was meant to be 'a supported head stand' which i suspect would've worked much better if my head was actually touching the ground. ahh the agony!

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