Sunday, November 27, 2005

date wrap up

well it went really really well, for those of you that are interested. we started with lunch at williamstown followed by a walk, then cake and a stroll down the beach.

infact we were having such a nice time with each other that we decided to spend dinner together as well, except i'm wondering if this was such a great idea in hind sight. it was infact a reunion dinner for him with some mates from a trip he'd gone on earlier that year. this was not an ideal situation and i found myself painfully bored (and slightly uncomfortable). thankfully i did manage to avoid meeting his mother that day as well. phew.

so without going into the boring nitty grittys of the situation i feel that the whole day went quite nicely and i'm looking forward to seeing him again. it's a lovely refreshing change not to worry about those stupid mind games that get played in this early stage. its like: we like each other, so we'll spend some time with each other and if it goes somewhere = cool. if not= oh well, no hard feelings. i couldnt ask for anything better.

anyway, i'm still contemplating exactly how much detail i actually want to post on this blog...

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