Wednesday, November 29, 2006

t-shirt idea c/o dp

i'm not cute
i'm just lead that way.


it was coming, then it was here, and now it's gone. sigh.

the problem with such amazingly fun weekends like this one is the fact that they eventually have to end. everyone eventually all head back to their respective home towns, i eventually catch up on sleep and stop being in a constant state of delirium.

i had the BEST time that i have had in a very long time. i'm totally head over heels in love with dancing again. (but much less in a nerdy technical kinda way and much less in a total succumb to connection kinda way - this time it's all about acting like a total fool and doing whatever the music moves me to do. did i forget about that??)

great music -loved the bands, especially the Red Hot Rhythm Makers whom rocked my very foundations. i also thought the two seperate dj rooms were an excellent idea. not only did they provide to the slow groovers and the crazy lindyhoppers but also gave everyone an opportunity to administer some self-moderated djing - i switched between rooms constantly depending upon my exhaustion, mood, partner etc etc. it also meant that the energy stayed ^UP^ in the lindy hop room and the atmosphere fine in the groover room.

a four day long party was what it was like. so many fun friendly people to hang and chat with. while i had always planned to spend many hours giggling etc with team brunswick, i found myself stalking the perthies like some kind of crazed animal; i wanted to bask in the attitude and energy exuding from their every pore. they've even gotten me to reconsider doing hullabaloo again.

i managed to dance with almost everyone i had intended to dance with. with only one or two people missed. lindyhop is always a nice conversation starter anyway.

another amuzing moment: trumpetor-bf asking if the lindyhop event he was at was a "christian dance" and if there were any drugs.

like all mlx predecessors this one didnt disappoint on the gossip side of things either- although this is the intirnet people, what do you think i am?

sooo.. besides mlx what else has been going on??
not too much, working mostly, teeney bit of yoga, bike riding, sparse amounts of with with the squeeze, and little britain dvds.
today i got free stuff from work - woo woo! a chocolate making kit and a pancake maker. not really encouraging a healthy lifestyle is it?? and not the sort of products that i would ever pay money for.

i will try to find a photo of my new dance shoes and post. i think you will be impressed.