Tuesday, July 31, 2007

melbourne DOES rock -really!

so i'm back home and back in the swing of things (so to speak- not much on the swinging front that's for sure!). i'm back at work, i'm back at uni, i'm back at home with my parents.
i had such a wonderful time overseas and now it's over. i'm feeling mildly depressed about it. i guess i was looking forward to it for so long and now it's over and there's nothing ahead to look forward to. plus i guess i wasnt as aware of how dull my life can be before being confronted by so many exciting experiences. i was content with everything i had before - and now nothing seems to make the cut.
my lack of motivation is reflected most in how behind i am at uni. sigh.
what were all the reasons why i loved melbourne? i just cant remember now.
melbourne isnt exactly at it's prime with this nasty winter chill!

i keep seeing all these international/exchange students around campus and envy them - i wish i were on exchange. i'm not sure if i'd even care where. infact i would probably love melbourne again if i were on exchange here (hypothetically speaking ofcourse). is this what it's like to be bitten by the travel bug?

in other news, i recently purchased myself a second hand lappy from a friend who wanted to upgrade. this is the first computer that i have ever officially owned all to myself. how exciting!! i'm not sure what this will mean for my online/blogging regularity but it's certainly opened up a whole heap of possibilities.

there are less bunnies in my life now. my household became bunnie-less while i was away. i dont have any commemorative photos right now so i might post one later.

i'm also proud to say, now that the bigbrother season is over, i managed to bypass the whole thing ENTIRELY this year. that's one less viewer they can put on their polls. ..but what's with the other channels just giving in and not bothering to show any decent shows to compete? tv sucks anyway. especially now that i've got access to internet-tv! yay! scrubs season 5 here i come!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

home, safe and sound

just got off my 30 hour trip home. feeling surprisingly awake.

dont really have time to post a huge amount now but Smoothy's been off to a good start and has even started filling his gallery (have a look here). i promise there are stacks of nice stories and pictures to come. you'll just have to bare with me, and cope with this in the mean time:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

tramping around the globe

well, it´s the end of the second week on my AMAZZZZING european tour.
i´ve been having an absolute ball. just ducked into a little net cafe off the main plaza in Barthelona to check the important stuff. time is tight though, so only a few words to let you know that i´m still alive and well.
the first whole week was very difficult for me due to jet lag and certain disgestion issues associated with the time readjustment. but it was totally sereal to catch up and hang out with some of my dearest friends and catch a glipse of their lives all the way in the UK.
london didnt do much to improve my tan but spain is certainly the ticket. we´ve been eating well, sleeping well and just generally enjoying the sights.

yesterday we went down the coast and enjoyed the beach. we have 2 more days left in barcelona before we head off to sweden.

Smoothy has been posting alittle more than me. have a look here