Friday, December 09, 2005

london = poop

does anyone else feel like australia is relocating back to the uk? i'm still constantly amazed at exactly how many people i know that are going/have gone. i cant imagine what proportion of the london population is actually from Oz. at first i was shitty, but now i'm REALLY amazed. what is going on? honestly? i spoke to someone tonite who said "just get a one way ticket. do it now!" ..oh yeah doz, there is a nice frenchie coming your way.

but then again it is 2 am and i'm starting to ramble.. it's REALLY bed time.


Zot said...

We are counting on your visit.

The Frase said...

I was really amazed and bummed out by just how many Australians there are in London.
I was told that there were heaps, but every 4th person you meet is an Aussie, and every 2nd pub has an Australian behind the bar.

You travel to the other side of the world, but yet you're surrounded by your kinsfolk.
For some it's comferting. They enjoy going to The Walkabout pubs.

But for me, it's annoying. I want to experiance a new country and it's people.
But the flip side of London is that it's full of people from EVERYWHERE! It's nearly impossible to meet a native Londoner in London. You however can meet someone from just about every other nation on the planet!

Having said all that the aussie dancers in London are TOTALLY the RAD-EST!
So you should come over!

Dozka said...

You don't come to London to meet English people. Come to London to meet everyone else. And expect to see lots of Australians too. They even move in with you after a while!!!

But don't be amazed for too long. These Australian-Londers repatriate. Really! You'll see come next week onwards. And don't let them try to kiss you on both cheeks.

I'm very curious about this French man.....