Tuesday, December 13, 2005

bbq round up + pics

well on sunday i held a BBQ of sorts. partly for xmas, partly for some internationals that are in town partly cause i wanted to make the most of the sun but mostly just cause i CAN and i'm holidays.

it went quite well. Ham and Cheese came over early and offered their services (which i am eternally grateful for). we ate well! oh boy did we eat well. there was; tandoori chicken kebabs; paprika chicken wingets; little hamburger things; 2 x ladies salads; spicy spanish potatoe salad (without the chilli); a variety of bbq-ed vegies (including thyme & red wine mushrooms); fresh crusty bread; a delictable selection of pestos, dips and cheeses; fresh fruit; and other lovely things that some thoughtful guests had brought along. yum!

pictures have been posted on dp's flicker page. cheeney was playing with his fish eye lense which makes everything seem bigger and grander than it actually is. as you can see it was a gorgeously sunny day and the shade that we enlisted from Smooth Arms was much needed. the garden looked superb actually, i was surprised at exactly how well it scrubbed up. the house as well - you can hardly tell that my parent's only realised what was going on 2 hours earlier*. ..mind you i did spend the week leading upto the BBQ cleaning the house in it's various forms on a full time basis. and it's never looked cleaner.

there were also some lovely friendly people there to hold it all together (including one swede**). i also had a moment of realisation that half of my friends that are male are all:
-camera nerds
-bike nerds
-computer nerds
guess what the popular topics of conversation were?? ..and does that say something about me? am I a massive nerd as well?? oh dear.

and like all good event's held at my house i got to have a few drinks to relax after all that running around at the end. it's not like i can take credit for the organisation (i made a good attempt at Miss Delegation) it seems that i dont always do so well in pressured situations like that. ..and nor do any member of my family***. it's all for the learning tho. i think of them like dance competitions or public speaking - it gets easier as you go along.

all in all it was most enjoyable. perhaps i'll be able to manage alittle more independently next time.

*my parents may just be competing with my bro for the oblivious award. ..and yes i did tell them! two weeks earlier and several hundred times inbetween as well.
**sorry linnea!
***as demostrated several times during the day. thanks mum!

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