Tuesday, August 21, 2007

still travelling

so, i'm aware that my previous post about melbourne was terribly whingy (or may have come across that way). i think what i was trying to express my change in perspective and maybe a change in taste as well.
i've been making different choices lately in the sorts of stuff that i do. i'm much less satisfied with a nite at home on the couch etc. and find that the urge to be out on the town come more and more frequently.
what does melbourne have afterall? an excellent variety of well priced and decent resturaunts. a massive bar-scene. theatre. sports. theatresports (hehe). comedy. art. opera. shopping. photography. film/cinemas. parks. ...that's only the stuff that i can think of right now. but someone recently said "whatever you can think of Melbourne has it!"
so for me to feel happy about living in melbourne it would be fitting to take advantage of all the things around me while i'm here.
that probably would involve not spending all my time on facebook but you get the idea. more experiences, less stuff. i can live like i'm travelling in melbourne.

in the meantime the savings are stacking up and i'm still figuring out where the next destination might be. india, bali, egypt, turkey, france, sweden(again), italy, fiji, USA..

peachie teachie

i'm on teaching rounds at the moment. i'm learning all that i can about teaching. it's such a strange thing to spend the whole year learning theories and concepts about teaching and only put it into practice for a few fleeting weeks that rush by like crazy. but i'm really enjoying it. i've been practicing giving clear instructions, explaining concepts and generally working with all sorts of different learners. i've been working on my classroom management strategies as well. positive reinforcement is my preferred approach but i also need to show consistently where my boundries are when students push me. and refining many other skills which seem to already be apparent in my personality. things that i've noticed seem to consistent across All teachers:
-being a control freak (gotta be bossy*)
-loving the sound of their own voice (cause they talk all day long)
-being super organised, this is where neuroticism is a necessity ..but coming from the girl who loves labelling arranging things in order (spices, stock, books, cds you name it!) i dont think that will be too much of a stretch.
the thing that makes me wonder is how this will affect my lifestyle when i'm doing this as a full time gig. i mean just in the last week i've totally readjusted my style of speech etc etc. and i'm not just talking about while i'm at work, there's many teachers that i know that are not like that in their own time (and many that are). which category will i fall into?

*not really like kelis but i do sometimes hum that as my theme song with a bit of shoulder action.