Friday, May 12, 2006

doors and windows

you know, they say: just as one door closes..

they might have something to do with glass ceilings..

but how complicated is a part time job meant to be any way??

i'm looking out for windows. lots and lots of windows. big, fat, open ones.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

jobs and whatnot.

i had a job trial at a cafe last week. ..actually TWO. that's right 2.4hours of unpaid work. i also worked 3 hours on sunday and they are yet to discuss any terms(pay) with me. i'm finding rather frustrating.

what's the work like?
well, i havent really ever done any actually waitressing - and the stuff that i did do was a VERY long time ago (like highschool). so it's all pretty new to me really. i suck at carrying plates. i hate the bucket that the sponges get kept in (and the fact that i get stared at by my boss every time i wash my hands after dipping them in the mirky water). i was surprisingly nervous about dealing with customers and especially clearing empty plates - i had the distinct feeling that i was interrupting them. but soon got over that.

so i'll be there most sundays i guess. untill i find something better.

there goes my favourite day/morning of the week. long sleep in and long lazy cooked breakfast.

i'm also finding that my instincts about my age being an issue confirmed. if it's written on my resume you think they'd read it before dragging me out for an interview (after keeping me waiting for 35mins).

i also went to the doctor yesterday to get tested for celiac's disease. it's present on both sides of my family and those nasty (paralysing) stomach cramps followed by noisey wind is not something i want for much longer.
i had a rather surprisingly pleasant experience with the nurse and vowed never to return to a pathology lab ever again. so i'll find out in a couple of days if i have to let go of the mcuh loved GLUTEN.