Sunday, September 03, 2006

weighty questions

my Smoothy* is quite concerned with weights. he is quite determined in his quest for getting down to "race weight" and has gone a long way out of his way to drop heaps off his bike and is constantly weighing stuff. apparantly he used to take his bike parts down to the local grocer to have them weighed with his fruit and veg.
not that he hasnt tried to find his own scales, that is..

first came the electronic kitchen scales. small, precise and great for nuts and bolts.

then came the digital bathroom scales. we shopped around abit for these. naturally, trying them all out in store.

and finally, because he is SUCH a goldielocks, came the hanging scales. that i think are usually used by fish mongers etc.

ofcourse i shrugged it all off as natural Smoothy behaviour and didnt give it another thought. little did i realise exactly how much enjoyment i would be getting out of such gadgets. i found that i liked measuring myself sooo much that it has turned into a bit of a game. i like to measure myself:
-with or without shoes
-with or without clothes
-before and after a shower
-before and after a meal
..but my favourite one is before and after i go to the toilet. is that wierd?? is there something wrong with me? that i like to get an idea of exactly how many mls pass through me at any one time?

*note: how i use the word "my". possessive much?

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Squeeze said...

Leave my weight weenieness alone.