Friday, August 25, 2006

round up.

right so, alot has happened since i last posted.

dory has come and gone with all her many crude jokes, snotty tissues, harrang brownies and serious looks. i guess i had forgotten exactly how much i missed her. before she arrived i guess i was basically nervous. nervous that we might not get along the same way, that we had both changed alot in the year or so that had passed. but it was exactly like old times! sure she had changed - but not reeeally. they were all things that were a part of her before she left but had been given the space to come to the surface. ..and well i guess a little bit of london had rubbed off on her.
so the week while she was here was spent with many nice dinners, breakies, and cups of tea; whinging, listening and giggles. it was really nice. i got to hear all about her life in london which put me much more at ease - i didnt realise it but i guess i was taking on the protective friend role; it was like london was the boyfriend that i hadnt yet met and wasnt really sure if i could trust him. but now i can see that he is making my dory happy. hoooray!

last weekend was spent in tassie. my whole fam went down for my grandma's b'day and also to basically spend time with my grandparents. it has often been noted the sort-of critical mass that can occur when there is two or more members of my family located in any one situation - can you imagine what is like with a dozen of us?? my family is truly nuts!! nuts i tells ya. needless to say i found the weekend most distressing and much unlike a holiday! ..i suspect the reason i had such a lovely time last year had little to do with tassie or my fam and much to do with the fact that i spent most of my time with very fun friends. oh well.
one of the saddest things about it all was the awareness that everyone had about my grandparents' mortality. even them! i was expected to essentially say goodbye to them - but i dont even know where to start - it's not like i have a close relationship with them anyway, they were always the disapproving conservative oldies that no matter what you did would frown. it was all waaay too confronting for me. even without all the other family politics that came along with it.

..while i'm a on whinging note: i flew back before sun rise on monday morning with only 3 hours sleep. i was shitty shitty!! but when i realised i was sitting next to a teenage mum with her mum -and her ugly screaming baby- i wanted to slit my wrists. what is it about babies on flights?? they fucking suck!! especially when they are loaded up with chocolate, coke and chips at 6am. i reckon there should be cry baby flights like there are cry baby sessions at the cinema.

this weekend Smoothy and i are heading down to geelong for some mates party and a looksie around the area. the sun is shining so i'm hoping for some outdoor type activities. i'm guessing he's keen on some riding - we'll see how we go.

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Dozka said...

Ahahahahaha!!!! Not get along? Ahahahahaha... try maybe being a bit worried about not being able to separate us.