Monday, September 25, 2006

o brother where art thou

this film ROCKS!!
watched it on the weekend and enjoyed it waaaay more than The Big Labowski or Intolerable Cruelty. it's a real thing of beauty. every single scene is a anecdote all it's self and the film eventually ambles along into an overall story with a neat little conclusion. it's not very often taht i get to the end of a film and want to watch it all again from the beginning straight away and this is one of them.

right now Smoothie's flatmates are watching a show on sbs called Oz. it is possibly the most violent thing i have ever seen - and i dont think i should be even half watching it this close to bed time.


dogpossum said...

did you know 'o brother' is based on the Odyssey... or the Illyad or whatever it's called. About Ulysses.

Zot said...

Right on, I love that movie.