Friday, September 15, 2006

onwards and upwards.

"onwards and upwards" -that's what they say in the classics, right? and how could it not be true in this instance? i'm moving on from something that isn't pleasing me but also increasing my happiness to a higher plain.

for those of you that dont know where i have been working and for the reasons in which i hate it then you'll have to ask me about it when i'm much older and can look back and laugh.
but big changes are occuring at the moment so i while i feel three years older and 10x tougher i wont be enduring much more of it as i have given my notice.

i've also been offered a unique opportunity to go and get some more experience out in the classroom. which is perfectly ideal - considering i was getting the point where i was contemplating doing some sort of volunteer work to feed my soul. but this particular opportunity is far more selfish given my interest in the industry. dont worry bloggers, i will keep you posted.

on other fronts:

-Smoothy took me out mountain bike riding ..which is an entire story all in it's self. hey if you think the professional guys are adrenaline junkies, try doing it when you've only just figured out how to stay ON a bike. death wish?? needless to say there was a stack involved which left me quite shaken. BUT the important part of this story is actually experiencing a slice of the hobby that Smoothy is soo passionate about. it's WAY more fun than road riding - infact it's a whole different ball game- i can see how people could end up spending so much time dedicated to it. ..oh and i saw 2 dead kangaroos.

-last nite i did the supportive girlfriend thing and went along to a race. it was interesting in some ways. i did bring my new friend along though so it was substantially less boring than it could have been. Smoothy's team placed at 3rd which is super considering he did two thirds of his team's laps/riding.

-as of two nites ago i'm considering how likely it is to get my butt on some extravagant trip to some nice place around the world. i'm half way to my savings goal but do i want to blow it all in one go?? bloggers? would i be better off investing in some shitbomb car for next year so that i can spend less time on public transport and more time making money or studying??

-my new friend is very nice. i will write you some funny stories about her all too soon i'm sure. she is rather spontaneous and has a knack for saying slightly inappropriate things in ideal situations. it's very funny.

gotta run spagettiOs.


wendy said...

Crinkle go the world trip - it is such an awesome experience. Old cars can lead to lots of repairs. World trips give you a whole new experience.

Zot said...

Yeah listen to wendy. And don't forget you're visiting us in Cambridge.

In other trip news, we will be heading back home for 3 weeks at the beginning of FEBRUARY, so watch out!!!

Crinkle said...

a trip to cambridge wont work if you're not there. feb is when i was planning too.