Wednesday, September 06, 2006

bah humbug!

bloggers. there are times in a girls life when she feels like she needs to not ask the advice of her unsupportive mother but rather throw those delicate questions about life out into the VOID that is the internet.
so tell me, what is it all about?
should i hate my job this much?
is it unreasonable to expect more?
am i unemployable?

fuck no. i fuckking rock! and all you mother fuckers that think otherwise can sit on it and rotate.

yes i'm posting mad. and damn it feels good.


Squeeze said...

Yes you rock.
And you should look for a new job.
And no you shouldn't feel guilty about leaving. Is you or them.

swingplatypus said...

you do rock crinks. You has intellgence, love, creativity which needs a much better outlet. Best thing I ever did was leave a jobs onto bigger and better things - learning things along the way