Friday, September 29, 2006

step, step, one, two, me

well i've been doing the job hunt thang again and it seems to be much easier this time. i've already had two interviews - one i want, and one i'll take untill i find something better. the one that i had this morning was really good. i was abit nervous tho - infact i'm still feeling a little shakey. it was exactly my kind of workplace with nice managers and a good outlook on how to run a business. good old-fashioned customer service - it's wierd that that sort of thing is so hard to find these days.

other stuff:

i went back to ballroom again this week and with no swing in between it felt like one long week of ballroom. the novelty factor is still there but when i went swing dancing last nite i suddenly realised how much i missed it/love it. swing dancing is soo organic and natural and the movements make sense. perhaps i was feeling slightly oppressed by the shakles of just learning the steps at ballroom- i was craving improvisation, styling, expression, REAL lead and follow, conversational connection.
the thing is that i dont really KNOW if ballroom does have all these things that i love about swing because i'm still in the beginner stages. sure i've been around the traps at swing for a while now* so i'm pretty comfortable with the basic steps etc and have gone beyond these levels and can view lindyhop in quite a different way than say a beginner swing dancer. it could take me years of learning ballroom before i discover all of this and can make an adequate comparison.
in the mean time, as i mentioned earlier, i'm enjoying the novelty factor.
the music is incredibly bizarre as well. it is like EVERY single genre you can think of and nothing really has all that much energy to it (well not the way that i feel energy in music anyway) ..unless you count the pumping, wanna-pull-your-hair-out, disco music.

been shopping alittle lately too. on the search for the ultimate outift:
-comfy for bike riding and yoga.
-breathable fabrics
-still looks nice enough to wear in public or out in a bar (why cant i ride my bike to the pub dammit?)
dont know if such a thing exists but i'm experimenting with a few things. ..and how on earth did leggings become fashionable, i really dont know.

i start doing work at my friend's school next week. i will go twice in the first week so hopefully you'll get lots of nice anecdotes** about kids with snot, crayons and playtime snacks.

for those of you whom are not in melb at the moment: it's grandfinal season, so that means parades, bbq's and terrible traffic. the royal melb show is also on for those of you whom ever forked out $30 to go see the carnies with their front teeth missing. the weather is also starting to warm up and everyone is in a nice sunny mood.

*not to imply that i'm the world's expert or anything.
**within reason ofcourse, i'm not actually sure if i'm aloud to blog anything at all out of respect for the school and it's students.


Zot said...

ahahaa, carnies! Little people, smell like cabbage! Pick me up a few showbags though.

Dozka said...

You're doing ballroom?? Ahoy! I want to see more blogs about it.