Tuesday, October 10, 2006


well this week i've:
-said goodbye to one seriously crappy job
-started at a rather pleasing job
-started my volunteer work at school
-started my tax for the past 3 years
-started reading again
-eaten out 6 times (and still lost 3 kilos).

i'd say that's a pretty nice looking week would'nt you?

i think the important one there tho is leaving THAT job. i'm very, very happy about that. i suspect that my boss would've wanted me to stay on for another month but enough is enough - especially when i've already work 2/3 weeks past my notice period - and i HATE it. it's going directly behind me.

ahead of me is another job which is almost exactly what i had in mind. hours are good, pay is good, they look after me, train me, dont patronise me, follow occupational health and safety guidelines, and is not in the slightest bit boring. woo hoo. i could REALLY enjoy this job.

my planned holiday is panning out to be more localised than i was thinking for a while there. it will however be more of a tropical escape. how exciting!! i can imagine myself lying in the sun, going shopping, eating great food, exploring another culture, seeing nice sights, learning another language.. etc etc.


Zot said...

Good on ya Crinks.

You deserved better and you made the change, so good luck with the new job!


Wendy said...

congrats Crinks - great news, woo hoo

Dozka said...

hip hip hip hip!!!!!!!!