Thursday, October 26, 2006


i'm sorry bloggers, i've been slightly slack lately.

apart from work i haven't been doing anything particularly abnormal or busy. but i'll try to think of a mildly amusing anecdote for your pleasure..

i've been craving and eating alot of asian food lately. i think it might have something to do with the warmer weather. i was also recently reminded of the satisfaction gained from a visit to victoria st. there is nothing like a big hearty bowl of noodle soup with fresh coriander, vietnamese mint & basil, chilli and selected meat. super tasty! mmm-mmm. i really like the broth of the soup and all the fresh flavours. i particularly like the contrast between fried things like spring rolls or chicken against the freshness of lettuce, sprouts and herbs. yum. and it's all so cheap too. ..if it werent for the msg factor i would want to eat such things every single day.

i'm also rather keen on the idea of gaining a kiwi accent. i thought a NZ friend would be a perfect addition to my life until someone pointed out that it's not very nice to immitate your friends - esp seeing as i'm only after the accent, that would be cruel.
i've started saying "yis, thet would bi ixcellint." i wonder what people think of the (not so) subtle addition to my everyday conversation?
i figure it: if i can get the accent right, i'll be able to pull of words like "duvet", "chilli-bin" and "jandals".

i'm not getting a whole lot of exercise at the moment. and it doesnt feel particularly great, i have to say. i'm considering the option of riding my bike to work. my only concern would be leaving my bike on the street all day, even if it is locked up and directly outside my work. we'll see.

i'm also attempting to write a jazz routine to my favourite song. it's not going particularly well so far. it's not an area that i have much experience in and i'm finding it rather difficult. thankfully it's not a very fast song but it is quite long and i've been mulling over the structure for a good month or two now. i'd ask for help but i'm trying to be stubborn on this one and force myself to figure it out independently - it'd be good for me.

speaking of seeking help. i'm starting to feel like the special girl at work. i know i'm the new girl and i cant expect to know everything straight away but my intake of information is at a much slower rate now and i'm asking for help ALL the time. sometimes the same questions over and over. i'm hoping this phase passes soon.

ok, it's time for me to go. and you've already got 5 moderately boring stories out of me.



dogpossum said...

what's a hindu?

Lay eggs, bro.

Zot said...


Zot said...

More updates please. MORE!

Zot said...

More updates please. MORE!