Monday, August 14, 2006

once upon a time continued..

we last left our heroine in a state of confusion in regards to the operation of a bike. in her desperation to impress said boy she became far more determined to not fall over and land in some bushes ..or hurt herself in other places.

the girl knew that if she could only stay on the bike without stopping (or going around any tight corners) then the boy wouldn't be as embarrassed to go riding with her. but eventually she figured out how to push off by pushing on one pedal whilst using this force to hoist herself up onto the seat. this prevented many mishaps ..and the boy didnt get that crinkle in his forehead quite so often. but the girl didn't want to be riding forever - she needed to learn how to stop.
as it turns out; bike riding (like ice skating) is much like balboa. "how?" you ask?
a) none of them came naturally to the girl,
b) none of them would make good busking activities,
c) all of them required careful weight changes.
as it turns out; the pedals seem to provide some kind of stepping stone for getting in and out of the seat. this can be done during a cycle or when the pedal is at the bottom of the stroke. "that's obvious!" you might say? ..and you'd be absolutely right!

so the girl learned how to ride a bike (sort of) and didnt get nice smooth arms (not her own anyway) and is still pretty uncoordinated. the end.

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Squeeze said...

I await the mountain biking story.