Thursday, April 10, 2008

all sweetness and light.

well i thought january was going to be more relaxed for me but it turns out i haven't even had timr to blog. what's been happening?

well for a start i'm back at uni again doing my final year which carries all the usual conotations in regards to workload and professional expectations. i'm starting to realise exactly how much i've learnt over the period of my degree and sort out the areas i need improvement in. i've especially been feeling excited this week about the prospect of beginning teaching as i'm out on teaching rounds at the moment. i've had an extremely exhausting but rewarding week. i'm really looking forward to getting more experience under my belt and one day getting my own class of little brains to play with. granted there are still days that i feel less than confident and concerned over how much i have to learn but that, i suspect, will always be part of the process.

i have also had a greater focus on dancing this year than i have had in quite some time. at the end of january i attended a camp in adelaide which was OK but essentially got me reinspired to get back into stuff on a regular basis. i ended up auditioning for a local troupe and becoming a member there. i have only done a limited amount of stuff with them so far but am having a great time with it ..including confronting some light fears of aerials which is proving really exciting!

so between uni, dancing and work i'm finding it hard to squeeze all the normal everyday type stuff in but it's good practice for getting myself organised for next year. year? ? lots of big questions in regards to next year. will i go straight into teaching? what kind of teaching would i like to do? will i stay here in melbourne or head off overseas? not sure exactly what i will end up doing but i suspect it will be the start of a new chapter for me.

febuary/march was also a sad time for me as i said goodbye to a dear friend of mine who has moved up to QLD. whilst we still keep in touch it is not the same as having her giggles, chats and crude comments here with me. (love you sweetness!)

next week i go to perth for another dancing weekend which i will also be using for wind down and party time! woot!

write now i'm preparing my lessons for next week and hoping that i'm organised enough. better get back to it!

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