Monday, January 07, 2008

goodbye to 2007

well it's the beginning of a new year once again. time really does fly. i would honestly consider 2007 to be a good year for me. despite a couple of ups and downs there have been some really great things happening for me. i went back to uni and had a delightful old time with that. i also went over seas for the first time in my adult life -got to see some dear friends of mine whilst also exploring stunning cities like Barcelona. i've established some really solid friendships with some beautiful souls. but probably more importantly above all those things is that i'm becoming more myself. i've set up shop in Crinkletown and made myself the president/secretary/treasurer - enjoying all things me!*
meg suggested that it may have something to do with chinese horoscopes = this is the year of the Golden Pig. which could mean that my good year may not be over till feb (coinciding with the return of uni semester).

i spent my entire december working my little butt off. it was mildly painful but i think i'm over it now. that's retail during the xmas period for you. january is certainly going to be alot more relaxed for me - well has been so far. i will be heading off to adelaide in about two weeks to participate in another nerdy dance camp.
i also begin a solo jazz course this week. getting right back into the fun dancing stuff before it's assignment time again.

not sure what 2008 will entail for me but my plans include: completing my degree, visiting some Australian dancing destinations, possibly moving residence and continuing my general 'journey'. ..i might even finally do my tax this year.

*i've even got my own currency thanks to dp

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