Wednesday, July 26, 2006

once upon a time..

once upon a time there was a girl with pig-tails who liked to dance. despite her efforts and many hours at yoga she wasnt the most co-ordinated of girls -but her friends still liked her. (..especially when she would pretend to fall over and hurt herself in front of large crowds.)
one day when she was out dancing she discovered a boy with the nicest arms she had ever seen. "my-oh-my! how did you get such smoooth, smooth arms?" she enquired. the boy responded by describing all the wonderful outdoors activities that he liked to do -like rock-climbing, bike riding, and snow boarding. the girl became excited and thought that she would like to do all those fun things too. first the boy took her bike riding. the girl couldnt really ride a bike, but that didnt matter. he was very nice about it and didnt laugh too hard when she tried to stop and start (this took some time).
he said "dont worry, you'll get better with practice."

to find out if the girl DID infact get better, you'll have to wait for the next installment.

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