Monday, July 17, 2006

the best, the worst and the moderate.

the squeeze and i have been dining out a fair bit lately - taking advantage of a voucher book that he somehow acquired. we've been going to all sorts of places that we wouldn't normally go which is good. and on those nites when we're a bit clueless it provides to basic ideas of where we can go for malaysian food (for example). i'm sure we're not really saving all that much money but the experience is fun.
on sat nite we went to this place called boheme on bridge rd. it didnt look terribly interesting from the outside and i started getting worried when i read the menu but it proved to have quite nice food. after consulting the waiter* i settled on a chicken disk that was AMAZING. yum yum yum. perfectly cooked, tender with al dente rice and vegies, the sauce not too salty or overpowering. delicious. i wasnt as impressed with Smoothy's meal (some sort of bacon, tomatoe chilli pasta) and the waiter lost points after recomending the mars bar cake (which was then served in a melted mess) but overall an enjoyable meal.
the best food i've had all year has been at place on mt alexander rd called Dimples. not in the book, and chosen by pot luck. reasonably priced. FANTASTIC food! home made pastas. simple flavours done well. they are in absolutely in no danger of getting carried away with too many complicated ideas until it ends up in a mush! very impressed, we'll be going back there i'm sure!

although i'm starting to suspect that eating out isnt really all that good for me. i should get back into the habbit of cooking at home. for starters it's way more expensive than cooking and when i cook, i actually KNOW what i'm gunna get. and it rarely disappoints. i suspect that i may need to invest in my own chef's knife after being spoilt by Smoothy's knife set in his kitchen. a crap knife makes take take three times as long and a million times more frustrating. ..but doesnt a bad worker, blame his tools??

worst place we've been to: Loco Express at highpoint. imagine a cafe, now imagine it at highschool. and was run by highschool students, with primary school food. with expensive prices. not even a voucher can justify that place. crap!

*yes, i'm doing this more and more often lately - it seems quite worth while especially when i'm feeling super indecisive.

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Squeeze said...

+1 for dimples.

Awesome food.
Check out the pumpkin gnocchi