Monday, April 03, 2006

winter, flicks & ikea

daylight savings finished this weekend. and as if that wasnt bad enough last weekend we had a gorgeous 28 degree day to watch the road-race at 'da games ..and this weekend it's winter. not the start of autumn with a gentle chill settling in but it all smacked you at once. smacked us so hard - we were smacked right into the middle of winter new york.
such dramatic weather changes call for dramatic lifestyle changes. no longer are sundays spent with long lazy breakfasts in your pj's and nice walks in the sun. but are now replaced with brisk breakfasts of porrige and rushes to the shower and wearing all the clothes i own ..all at once. too cold to be outside- off to the movies and ikea. i reminisced about swedish cultural invasions. about swedish food (meatballs & crisp bread) and swedish dinner parties.
i also dream about the prospects of re-furnishing my room with all the neat little gadgets and storage ideas that could improve my life dramatically.

>oh my god! it's not even 5 and it's almost dark. this is soo depressing.<

we watched aeon flux which was fantastic. for those of you who dont know it was originally an anime* about this a female assasin set in a futuristic world where the people are more like insects than actual people. my memories of the actual plot were extremely fague but the visuals stayed with me for a very long time and was my main motivation for see this film. i was not disapointed either. aeon was all sharp angles with whispy haircuts, pouty lips and pointy boobs. there were a few moments when the actress didnt look quite as graceful as would be hoped to pull off many of the unbelieveable stunts in this film (yes very cunning). i keep thinking of Alias and how she has to train three hours every day to be as fit as the character she's playing - another assasin.
so overall, i loved it. sci fi. female super hero. romance. life-as-we-know-it/all-of-humanity-is-relying-on-this type plot. costumes. sets. carefully chosen camera angles. what is there not to love? it's right up my alley.

also watched war of the worlds- which while had me hooked right in for the first half of the film with absolute terror - had the most stew-pid ending i've ever seen and proved to be highly disappointing. far too many simularities to other films that i had already seen like 28 Days Later(which was excellent) except they didnt manage to pull it off quite as well. it was pretty interesting how the most distressing scene for me in the film had nothing to do with the aliens but much more to do with the mass histeria and crazy behaviour from the people who were desperate for their lives. i can totally imagine that gun scene happening just the way it did in other chaotic realities like after a hurricane/tsunami/terrorist attack. i'm petrified of everyone else.

the final film was Sunshine of the Eternally Spotless Mind which was just beautiful. it's a film for anyone who has EVER been in love or been hurt. i loved it. Closer was another film about breakups but came out with a much different sentiment than this one and actually left you feeling better and with a "why bother?" type attitude. whereas this film was really nice the way it put emphasis on all the nice things about love and relationships. sure it can suck sometimes but overall it's got to be good otherwise why would you be there for so long? and god knows that there are times when i wish that i could forget some nasty things from my life but they are kinda there for a reason and it's slightly reassuring that it's okay to trust yourself in the moment(who i was back then) and not get all bitchy/pessimistic in hindsight.

today was also the first day that the heater has been used for the season - that's a bad sign. summer REALLY is over. i had soup for dinner last nite and lunch today and dont feel like eating all the normal foods. i hope i dont start getting super hungry all the time and put on heaps of weight like i normally do at the start of winter. fingers crossed.

it's kinda nice that although this end of the world is heading into the chilled-out months, the other side of the world (like london) is doing the exact opposite. no more grumpy londoners or snow storms. they've even started day light savings. crazy.

*i too, thought this was a spiny sea creature but it's also a japanese animation. i know cause i actually checked the spelling for this one.

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