Monday, April 03, 2006

unread newsletters

i'm just checking my email, cleaning out my junkmail box.. reading lovely updates from dear friends afar.
but there's a backlog. a backlog of newsletters that i havent read - nor do i think i will. infact i've enjoyed their absence from my life so much that i dont think i will ever invite them back.
sure they used to provide information about things i was interested in but more often than not they just make me feel shitty. so i'm stopping - that's it! no more.

wow, this is really liberating.

now that i think about it.. perhaps i should stop a few other related rituals? things that shit me. things that arent really neccessary in my life anymore. i'm certainly uninterested in contributing these days. and i only read about %5 of it these days anyway - that's practically nill.


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