Thursday, December 10, 2009

the internet is for hanging shit

So I've been back on ACTUAL speed net with my 'puter for a while now. Slacking off from my actual tasks and reading random sites for amusement. I've moved on from online comics (for the moment) and there's a new trend emerging. My favourite ones at the moment tend to be collections of stuff that are just plain dumb. Here's a few that spring to mind..

Some Classics:
Fail Blog
This Is Why You're Fat
Average Cats (in response to I can haz cheezburger)
Look at this Fucking Hipster
There I Fixed It

Well written:
Cake Wrecks
Ugliest Tattoos

Text about text:
Texts From Last Night
Passive Aggressive Notes
Unnecessary Quotes

We truly love laughing at ourselves don't we? Enjoy your light relief!

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