Sunday, August 02, 2009

Oh, you're from..

YES I'm from another city but I'm not ashamed of it! I'm not going to feel ashamed that I feel so misplaced here I feel the need to talk about the things and experiences that I miss from my old life.
"Perth just requires a little more effort, you've gotta dig to find the good stuff" is what they say. I'm digging, I'm trying - but can't I put down the shovel for five minutes and do something fun? And where did all the energetic-spontaneous people go?

I'm so painfully aware of all my terrible habits that I can't seem to shake:
- short with people when I'm in a hurry at the coffee shop or supermarket
- don't always say 'hello' to every single person in the room every time I go somewhere
- expect to be able to do stuff at night that isn't going to the movies
- don't put up with bullshit sales people
- thinking beyond what is happening right now
- talking about the great features of other cities and thereby highlighting Perth's shortcomings.

I've never considered myself much of a bitch but all those things seem to make me come across as the rudest kid on the block. But can't this city just harden the fuck up?

A very mature reaction, but do I have to be careful and serious 24/7? I'm allowed the gratuity of one extreme blog post, surely! 7 months of frustration and biting my tongue cannot be suppressed forever.

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Dozka said...

I think you should move to a big city like London or NYC. All behaviour described above are totally acceptable.