Monday, June 11, 2007

i'm so tough!

what would you do if you were at work minding your own business just doing your job - all alone - when three crazed loonies with machetes come in and held you up and stole all the money out of the till whilst making threats about your personal safety?

you'd probably be pretty scared. you might consider giving them a karate kick to the chest. or pull out some bad 80's dance moves to potentially scare them away. you might try to call someone. and you might do nothing.

either way a robbery is a robbery -and the truth to THIS story is much simpler and less interesting. there was only one loonie, no weapon and no threats. not much was taken. i'm fine, just a little shaken.

..but that's cause i'm so tough!!


Anonymous said...

hey I'm glad you are okay. hugs Wendy

Corinne said...

thanks for your kind words, sweetness.