Sunday, March 25, 2007


about 6 months ago a particular song caught my ear on the radio. i found it interesting because of the provocative lyrics in stark contrast to the style of the music. at first glance is quite feminine sounding with a simple beat-vocal relationship. the lyrics are about going down. but not in the typical mtv/christina aguilira ho style, it's very assertive and about meeting HER sexual demands rather than playing on HIS fantasy. it's so refreshing, i love it. it's called Downtown by Peaches. you can listen to it on her website.

i've just discovered this website and am having a bit of a gander at the other stuff she does. it's kinda empowering and interesting. i love that she's all sleezy just like the culture we are surrounded by everyday(guys objectifying gals) but a complete gender dynamic swap (she objectifies boys).

the music is kinda 80's keyboard inspired. most of the vocals are kinda monotone. and the modern rhythms mean it can get a bit repetitive. some songs suck- but you cant win em all. i reckon the context you choose to listen would need to be particular to fully appreciate her work.

after recently discovering that pj harvey is about 10 years older than i thought, i'm feeling mildly unsure if i've completely missed the boat on this one as well.

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