Wednesday, March 08, 2006


well, i'm trying to get back into the reading for pleasure thing. it's been a while and i'm feeling extra rusty but slowly getting there.
ham lent me a copy of The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency which was quite a lovely read. a collection of short stories that eventually made up one larger picture. great for those with short attention spans. easy language. quaint small town fables.
my next hurdle was lady-trash at it's best with Sex, Murder and a Double Latte. i went to the library and selected half a dozen paper back _lady_ books (many of which were pink and with titles much like this one). this was the only one that actually ended up reading and required 2 renewals but was well worth the work. i really enjyed it. including one rather painful day at work where the anitcipation of reading that final chapter and finding out who the killer was almost killed me. i was so excited and involved that i found myself get butterflies as i read it on the train.
my next trip to the library i found three more nice reads - again must be paper back and smallish to fit in my bag. i got caught up in the excitment of a book sale and free dvd borrowing that i didnt realise that i had borrowed a book called "Odd Fish and Englishmen" and another entitled "Of Cats and Men" can critisize me for being inconsitent.
i'm currently reading the one about cats. i didnt realise it but it's all short stories about women and their cats and men. most of them i;ve found rather frustrating. the first was possibly the most annoying with an account of this woman whom becomes insecure in her relationship after stumbling onto her husbands porn collection - i'm mean i'm not that partial to a bit of neurotic behaviour at the best of times but come on! i'm hoping that it gets better. ..or i might have to take drastic action.
i also think that the library rocks. i think i migth go there again today. i like the walk there in the sunshine. and i like taking my ipod.

.. love my ipod - i suspect that nothing in my life could ever be better than my pod. it completes me. i *heart* my pod. sigh.

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